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Video Production Portfolio

We do not claim copyright to the videos below as we are still building our portfolio.

Our Video Production Process



1. Solidify Core Message

Discovering the ultimate purpose of a video is the first step in our video creation process. This must be clear and direct so that everyone involved keeps this their main focus. Answering questions like “What action do we want to encourage the audience to take following the video? What atmosphere do we want to build for them?”

2. Research and Planning

How will the video contents be created? How will it be marketed? How will it be reused or re-purposed to increase ROI? These are the most important questions before officially starting to create the video. Researching the potential audience, what they like, how they think and what their purpose is to watch the video. Assignments, deadlines and tasks are written and distributed among the creation team. The budget is also solidified at this time.

3. Write the Script

Will there be a voice-over needed? Will someone need to be interviewed? Verbal or written text is a major part of the video production process. There are many simultaneous tasks taking place behind-the-scenes to make this a smooth and inspirational creation such as creating a storyboard (scamp), scheduling interviews, etc.

4. Production & Filming

With the objectives, core message, strategy, assigned tasks, inspiration and script, our team is now fully quipped to start production. Whether through filming or creating a cartoon informational video. There are many different skills put to work in this phase to build the core content of the video.

5. Editing Video Content

Here is where all the magic takes place. This is the most creative part of the video production process. Our designers,editors, and after effect experts roll their sleeves up and begin organizing, editing and piecing together the video. They implement the objective, core message, atmosphere and script into one beautiful masterpiece. Voice-overs are also done at this time is necessary.

6. Client Review & Revisions

After our team produces their best product, we present it to the client for approval or further revisions. We make revisions if needed and finalize any further details. The more revisions, the higher the cost and pushing back of the deadline.. Confucius once said “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

7. Analytics and Marketing

A statistics software is implemented in this phase if necessary. This is beneficial to have the ability to rate the success of the video and ROI. This helps us and the client know “Was this worth it? What could we have done better? Could we approach a different form of marketing?”

8. Final Distribution

Final versions of the video are marketed based on the marketing plan set out in the beginning. This could be anything from paying for Ad Spend, implementing email marketing, or another form of marketing. Also, the video is distributed to it’s destined locations in the needed file formats.


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