Slide Mobile apps are one of the newest ways to connect with your audience no matter what device they are using. ImVida mobile design and development experts quickly create an easy-to-use and appealing app to warrant advancement for your business. Discover More Mobile App Development

Our Mobile Development Team value precision and ingenuity all while focusing on producing a professional Mobile Application. There are 5 fundamental phases of development.

Planning & Prioritizing


  • Analyze goals. Carefully identifying the goals of creating a mobile app give a keen direction for planning and prioritizing what needs to be accomplished. It is important to clearly define goals in order to have a successful mobile app.
  • Create a Development plan of action. Now that your goals are clear, the next important step is development planning. How will users interact with the app? What actions can they take using the app? 
  • Formulate a Design plan. Aside from functionality is the design. The look is vital when it comes to a mobile app. Creating a synonymous design brings comfort and clarity to users.
  • Prepare a Marketing Plan. This is the icing on top of the cake. What ways can we reach your target audience? How would this app benefit your audience? All of these take place in creating a Marketing plan, which will guide your mobile app to the right audience and reach the goals set out for this app.



  • Implement Development plan of action. Now that the planning is done, it’s time to get to work. Our development team get review the plan of action so everyone can do their part with the goals in mind and produce a consistent framework. 
  • Platforms. Phones come in all shapes, sizes and software. This brings a tedious challenge to the table for our developers.To make your app from the ground up built for any platform a user may be on. 
  • User Experience. Users can become easily frustrated with ill-working and difficult navigation. Finding a balanced and simple back-end to enhance a user’s experience while using the mobile app is vital to building loyal users.
  • Testing. Before moving onto design and content structure, thorough testing is done to ensure all core functionality of the mobile app is working smoothly and as planned.



  • Optimization or Implementation. Improving a existing mobile app or designing a entirely new one brings a lot of work to the table. We bring an appearance and atmosphere that your mobile app needs to grab your target audiences attention.
  • Content Structure. The layout and flow of the content within a mobile app is important for user experience. Especially taking into consideration the size of screen space to present the content. We carefully and strategically place the content in a way that is not boring nor overwhelming for users. 



  • Execute Marketing Plan. Gathering traffic, new viewers or redirecting existing users with a effective marketing campaign is essential to the ultimate success of a mobile application. Our marketing professionals understand how different marketing is for mobile applications. There is a lot of competition within the market of each industry. We use multiple platforms to market and approaches to making sure your mobile app is marketing to the right audience.



  • The final phase. We put high priority on the specified launch date of each mobile app. This is paired with marketing and is the first step in building user loyalty. Will the app launch when the advertisement says so or is it up-and-running when marketing is launched as well. We cater to each mobile app and it’s industry for the highest success rates.
  • A regular check-up. Assuring your mobile app has smooth success after launching, we follow up with traffic statistics, user-feedback, and seamless functionality. If optimization is needed, we address the necessary areas for improvement.

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Mobile App Development Pricing

Simple Mobile App

Android and iPhone platforms
2D Design
200 Hours of work

Professional Mobile App

Most Platforms
3D Design + Animation
500+ Hours of Work