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Website Development Phases that guide us to build a showcase website to reach your business’ goals now and in the future

Content Management Systems (CMS)


CMS is the acronym for Content Management System. CMS allows business owners to customize their website’s content after it has launched. We currently use WordPress as our primary CMS and show our clients how to customize, update, and optimize their current website. This allows you to stay up-to-date with current trends and add or remove information from your website without our help.

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WordPress is a third-party CMS that we use to bring business owners ultimate customization to their growing business. With a clear layout, they can create pages, insert media, and optimize to current trends within their industry while generating an exclusive experience for their viewers.

Would a CMS Be a Good Fit for Me?

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eCommerce Development


User experience it vital when it comes to developing a successful eCommerce website. Powerful calls-to-action, a smooth check-out, and an efficient site-wide search are just a few examples of of what go into building that user experience.

What else is essential to developing a successful eCommerce website?

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Responsive Website Development


Responsive Website Development simply means creating a single website suitable across multiple viewing platforms. Viewing platforms include desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

Why is responsive website development essential for digital expansion?

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  • Grigmar

    Introducing, designed and developed by ImVida in 2018. Grigmar gave us the wonderful opportunity to build them a seamless website for their growing business. This is, created in 2018. Developed and designed by ImVida, which claims it as copyright content.    

  • Ina Scent

  • Lavanda Flores

    eCommerce done right with lavender-based products.