5 Reasons You May Want to Consider a CMS Website

Is There a Catch?


Yes. It is to be done with great caution as it is possible to meddle into the core code of the website and not know how to return to it’s original appearance and functionality. That is why it is recommended to have a trained professional assist in adding or updating content. If you stick to only editing text, images and videos then you should be fine.

We also recommend CMS training sessions, which we happily offer all of our clients interested in using a CMS.

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WordPress is a very popular third-party CMS. It is known to be the most user-friendly with multiple customization options. It not only gives the website owner direct access to their content but also provides further safety and security for you website. At ImVida we always do our best to provide a smooth transition from our development and design into your hands using CMS like WordPress and others.

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