5 Key Elements in Developing a Successful eCommerce Website

Our Unique Development Process


1. Analysis & Research


Our analysts roll up their sleeves and analyze the business history, current traffic patterns, and other data. Clearly define what is working and what is not. Research industry outlook and top competitors.


2. Proposal & Cost Estimation


The initial project outline and cost estimation is presented to the client in this part of the process. The client receives these to review, make adjustments and confirm the project and costs.


3. Project Planning


Upon receiving confirmation, we begin making detailed plans for each section of developing a eCommerce website. This includes the design, content structure, functionality, marketing, and maintenance.


4. eCommerce Design


Our designers begin implementing the design plan set out in the previous step. Everything from wireframing to custom graphics. This is a big bulk of the project and happens the same time as back-end development.


4. Back-End Development


The other bulkiest part of the process is back-end coding to develop how the website works. This is the other half of building a unique and smooth user experience.


5. Quality Testing


Once design and development have come together, extensive testing and troubleshooting take place. We also send a pre-launch presentation to the client to review, make adjustments and confirm the go-ahead.


7. Market & Launch


The most exciting part of an eCommerce development process is the marketing and launch of the website. This is the time for our marketing team to shine and do their work to get the message out.


8. Support & Maintenance


The following months after launching can be overwhelming. However, with our 24/7 support will give our clients ease of mind that their website will be up-and-running around the clock.